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Ok, guys, hear me out. Trying to work within parameters that most want, even if it's not what I want.
- To start with, that means 2 x every team in the League.
- Secondly, truly, you must have an even number in the games between teams competing directly in the Standings. But damn it, none of you think that Division opponents should play Conference opponents the same number of times (regardless of the fact that the first two Rounds of the Playoffs would still be primarily Divisional. So if everyone insists that Conference games against must be less than Division games against, and since Division Standings will be somewhat more important than Conference Standings, then the even number of games against teams will be in the Division, odd number against will be in the Conference. Hope your following that, but I'll demonstrate below.
- Now thirdly, with only 3 games against Conference opponents, and with an increased number of games against the other Conference, and also with primarily Divisional matchups in the first two Rounds of the Playoffs... I believe that's a fair degree of improvement for Detroit even to stay in the West and thus give balanced Conferences (as well as a space for Quebec City if so needed).

DAMN IT, it can't be done. There has to be at least one Division matchup that can't have an equal home-and-home. I hate this alignment and schedule format!!!!

Okay, here's what it looks like in numbers:
7-team Divisions
12 games = 6 x 2 (even home-and-home against teams in the Division)
16 games = 4 x 4 (even home-and-home against teams in the Division)
24 games = 3 x 8
30 games = 2 x 15
82 games

8-team Divisions
6 games = 6 x 1 (even home-and-home against teams in the Division)
5 games = 5 x 1 (unfortunately can't be an equal home-and-home)
20 games = 4 x 5 (even home-and-home against teams in the Division)
21 games = 3 x 7
30 games = 2 x 15
82 games

Now for the Playoffs, again with the objective of having as few crossovers as possible (especially with Detroit having to stay in the West, and with the West having 4 TZs).

NO WILDCARDS! Just a pure top-8 in the Conference, but with 3 guaranteed spots in all Divisions.
If there's no wildcards, then the Playoff matchups are simply the highest Divisional seed vs the lowest Divisional seed.
3 Possibilites:
1 vs 4
1 vs 3
1 vs 5
With the 1 vs 3 and 1 vs 5, the middle seeds crossover. If the #2 seed in the 1 vs 3 Division wins its series, then the 2nd Round has Zero Crossovers. If the #3 seed in the 1 vs 5 Division wins, then there will again be One crossover matchup in the 2nd Round.
Also, with this format, each Division will have a team in the Final 4.

I think these are the best-case scenarios, to give the PA what it wants, to reduce the burden on Detroit having to stay in the West, and to have as few crossovers as possible.

Oh, and the alignment:
Western ConferenceEastern Conference
EdmontonNY Rangers
CalgaryNY Islanders
VancouverNew Jersey
San JosePhiladelphia
Los AngelesPittsburgh
PhoenixTampa Bay
St LouisBuffalo

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