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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
you don't see any merit in a discussion about:

"I think it was a bad goal, Bryz sucks"
I hate to break it to you, but the phrase "I think" means that people have differing opinions / standards / expectations of what a "bad goal" is. Thus any discussion of Bryz's on ice performance is inherently based on differing expectations. So, if you think it's useless to discuss what someone's expectations are for performance from a goalie with a 5.67M cap hit, then your discussions of whether or not something was a "bad goal" are just as meritless / pointless.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
"I think it was a great game, goaltending isn't our issue"
The phrase "that was a great game" is open to some serious interpretation. My opinion on a great game may certainly be different than yours. For me, a great game is a win where the team looks impressive, but my definition of "impressive" is subjective and is based on my expectations and is likely different than yours. For others, any win is a "great game". And for others still, your team can lose and it can still be a "great game". This whole discussion is based on expectations and therefore by your own standards is meritless.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
"good to see Bryz moving so well"
What qualifies as good movement? This is another statement based on expectations. Are we comparing Bryz's movement to that of his movement 3 years ago? 1 year ago? Or are we comparing Bryz's movement to that of other goalies in the NHL? If we're comparing his movement to other goalies, do we use the 6'0 and under ones too, or only the ones of comparable size to Bryzgalov? All these different expectations, this discussion is meritless.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
"he needs to be better on penalty shots"
This is again, an opinion. Based on your expectations, your might think Bryz is fine at penalty shots while I think he's been terrible. Some people might expect him to save every penalty shot / shootout shot. Others might be happy with any amount of saves that lead to a win. Still others might evaluate each penalty shot individually and might be OK with the ones going in where the shooter pulled a sweet move. Whether or not you feel Bryz needs to be better at penalty shots is based on your expectations, therefore by your standards, this debate is again meritless/ pointless / useless.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
i have suggested in the past an "On Ice Goaltending Performance Thread" - one thats not cluttered with "based on my expectations that I think a contract like his carries ... which of course, varies from person to person" to just discuss goals against, technique & discuss on ice only matters.

might be time to start a 2013 iteration. or, maybe you guys just let these "on ice only" opinions co-exist in this thread ... this IS the "All Purpose Goaltending Thread " .. and that includes my "on ice only" aspect of it.

if you don't like that my opinions are not skewed by contracts, put me on your ignore list .... just like i have done with those who insists on slanting their view with "expectations based on a contract" - which, of course, is VERY subjective .... varies from person to person - there is no known list of Homer's expectations, so everybody inventing their own, only clouds the issue further
Why do you think you are so special that you deserve your own thread? The only problem here in this thread is that you continue to respond to people by saying "The Salary Cap doesn't matter" or statements of the like. If someone responds to one of your posts with an argument about Bryz needing to be bought out, or his cap hit being aBryzmal, YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO IGNORE IT. You continually choose to respond and then after being beaten down in an argument, you say you choose not to talk about it anymore because the salary cap doesn't matter and anyone discussing expectations based on cap hit is having a meritless and pointless discussion.

Lather, rinse, repeat the same pattern of you angrily responding to comments about Bryz for 8 entire threads worth of material and you have in a nutshell what "The All-Purpose Goaltending Thread" is all about.

I'm quite aware of the ignore option. I think many other posters are. I have no problem reading what you write and responding though, because I find you somewhat entertaining / amusing. If you find talking about the cap frustrating, you have the power to ignore users, either by blocking their posts, or by exercising will-power and deciding not to angrily respond to them. Unfortunately however, rather than exercising those options, you think you deserve your own little thread or that everyone else should just stop responding to your posts.

That's not how a message board works.

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