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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
Thanks God you're nowhere near anyone in anyway associated with anyone who will make any decision whatsoever with personnel decisions on the Habs. Did I stress that enough?
lol,. yea...\

did you want Therrien back? Boullion? Ryder? yes or no?be honest....I bet you and near eveyone else didn't...

For the record,I wanted Boullion back before we signed him,AND ON RECORD sayin so ..I also said ON RECORD GALLY 27 makes habs this year,said so right after the draft.....i was called crazy.... so you said what about Gally chances making hABS this year after the draft?

I also said PK would do what Drew Doughty did ....late last year on record sayin that...Subban he did hold out right?

Am i right all the time? no , but thank god im not wrong all the time .

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