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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
The league intervened when it looked like Scott Gomez and Wade Redden would have to wait a year and do nothing before they could be bought out--and I think the league would've intervened here as well. In any event it would've been an even bigger and more long-drawn-out mess than it already has been. And the entire league would've been sucked into this ridiculous sideshow.

Sherman deserves to get dinged for not negotiating and not actively shopping a holdout player, thereby leaving them vulnerable to an offer sheet and effectively letting another GM dictate the team's salary structure going forward. A salary structure they were willing to sacrifice three years of investment in a star player to keep intact. He deserves to be fired for that. But he does not deserve to be fired because he didn't orchestrate some stupid Machiavellian scheme because of some ambiguity in the rules that more than a few well-educated people overlooked.

Sherman made the right move to match, and I at least give him credit for doing so quickly and decisively. Too bad he wasn't so quick and decisive in the events leading up to this.
Agreed whole-heartedly on this.

It's too bad that Sherman, and to an extent O'Reilly, allowed the situation to go as far as it did. But I'm not seeing the point in debating it, not matching would have been dumb. Unfortunately for those who don't like GM Sherman, the power of hindsight will be on their side. IF the Flames end up with a Top 5 pick, it's going to be real easy for them to say, "Stupid Sherman, he should have taken the picks!".

And that will be bothersome to me, because there's no possible way to know how the Flames would have played with O'Reilly in the fold. So, like I said, hindsight most likely won't be kind to him, but unfortunately, because of the circumstances that he, and Camp O'Reilly, are responsible for, he was stuck in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation...something that I'm hoping he and the Avs Brass will learn from and therefore won't allow it to happen again.


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