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03-01-2013, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I am not sure why you feel the need to tell me this. I can only assume you think I'm an idiot. Of course even the best goalies have bad games. I've been watching the NHL for 20 years. You act like I know nothing started watching yesterday.

I've seen some great performances over the years. Amongst them Roy's conn smythe 93 run and Theodore's hart and vezina. I can see the difference between greatness (Theo's and Roy's best performances), a really solid top 5 season (Price in 2010-11), something above average (this season), an average season (2011-12) and a terrible season (Price in 2009-10).

I'm not saying Price sucks. I merely said that Price has been above average. Not the top 5 goalie people claim he is. Is that so far off base ? However he is paid like a top 3 goalie. I don't think there's cause to be disappointed, but I don't think there's cause to be excited either.

The rest of your post is you not looking at Price's performance outside of the team concept and looking at the team results. The team has played great, so yes, Price has great stats and has gotten points in most games he has played in, as would be expected of any top 20 starters behind a team that is playing great hockey. Every performance has to be weighted in relation with the way the team plays in front. Sometimes the difficulty level behind winning a game is extremely low because of how the team plays in front. If you don't account for that at all then Price is having the best season of his career. I find that not to be the case however, in my opinion, he was clearly a heck of a lot better in 2010-11. Put that Price in net and we would have at least 2 more pts from the NYI OTL and the Ott SOL.

I see that you like the bring his salary into the conversation and I don't see anything it has to do with Price not stealing games for us. What is "stealing games" for us by the way? Is it his fault that our team doesn't surrender 40 shots anymore. Is it his fault that he doesn't flop around to make spectacular saves because of his good positioning. Ever wonder that his saves seem easy because he makes it look easy?

I don't know what you're trying to cause here. If Price wins, its because the team plays well and it basically has nothing to do with Price.

What do you want? The teams plays well or the team plays bad and surrender 40 goals so that Price can earn the top 5 title and earn his big contract?

Are you gonna make a big fuss about Price not helping the team get one or 2 extra points in games he hasn't been great?

Btw, your example of great goalie performances, what does it have to do with this thread? These are rare performances, are you saying that you were expecting Price to have similar performance this year because of his top 3 goalie contract?

Also, even if Price won the games that you are blaming him for the loss, would you consider Price's performance this season a top 5 goalie worthy? I have my doubt because he still wouldn't be comparable to those performances you named up there.

Really, I don't see any way that you can praise Price with the way the team is playing this season unless he wins every games except the Leafs 2nd game because all the other games are 1 goal game and I'm sure you will still find ways to critic him to not make the stoppable saves that he didn't stop in those game.

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