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03-02-2013, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Sam Pollock View Post
This should be the one and only reason why Feaster needs to be relieved of his duties. The only problem is who do you replace him with? Burke is not the answer nor is Howson. Of the three though, I would rather have Howson and that's said out of deperation without any other choices involved.

My choice for the short term would be Craig Conroy on an interm basis until someone suitable is available. Definately not my first choice but perhaps the most viable one at the moment. Maybe he can surprise us and actually be competent.

The sad part is that between the time the Feaster made the offer and until Colorado matched, it was the most exciting part of the season for the Flames so far. Pathetic.

According to TSN, there were four other teams that put an offer in for O'Reilly. Does anyone know who? Also, it shows there are four other gms just as dumb as Jay.

One last thing. Even if O'Reilly did become a Flame, this cemented two believes I have about Feaster and the Flames - the Flames have no intention of rebuilding and Feaster is on the hot seat for job.

I have a feeling he's going to make a signifigant trade with our 2013 1st round pick to try and make the playoffs. Maybe I'm wrong. Hope I am.

This team just keeps breaking my heart every step of the way.
Conroy would be the absolute worst GM for the Flames! Horrible situation to even consider putting him in, having to deal away his buddies. He just isn't far enough removed from being one of the boys. I want a cold, strictly business and winning orientated GM....Burke is the only real choice. The Flames would be crazy not to turn this mess into an opportunity and hire him

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