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03-02-2013, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Southlake View Post
Am I the only one who feels like some people would be happier with Marleau if he scored half as many goals but dropped the mitts every handful of games? (and for those folks- who do you think is more valuable to this team right now- Clowe or Marleau?)

Say whatever you want about "heart". (Though the fact that he consistently shows up to camp in the best physical condition of the team states that his cardiovascular health is fine) Marleau consistently pots 30 goals a year. In his last seven seasons, he has only failed to miss that mark once. In 14 seasons, he has scored 20+ in eleven of them. The guy can score, consistently. Please let that sink in.

Does he fight? No. Does it matter? No. He's way more valuable to our team on the PP than he is in the box. I don't want my goal scorers sitting for five plus, and I definitely don't want them getting injured unnecessarily. Does he throw big hits? Nope, but he battles it out in front of the net and is strong on the forecheck- while managing to keep himself off IR.

Is there room for criticism? Sure. But to act like he is the sole reason the Sharks are failing is ludicrous. You want to trade him? Fine, but there better be a solid plan to replace his guaranteed production.
No, there is no need for Marleau to fight. It's cool, but leave that to somebody else. When he did it against Bieksa, it was meaningful, but why in hell should he stop scoring to make the fans cheer and get excited? Clowe, Wingels, Murray, Burns, Desjardins, and even Thornton all can fight, why should Marleau do it if he ****ing sucks at it, and is really good at everything else.

Marleau and Boyle are two of the most important players to this team and they CAN NOT be traded unless a full rebuild is officially committed to. Marleau is our fastest skater and the only natural scoring wing on the team with above average speed. I'm sure he is cared for more than fans make him out to be in the locker room, he always puts in effort, and really, it doesn't have to go further than Mike Babcock's comments: Marleau is very effective and helps the team in many ways when he's not scoring. He's scored 30 goals 4 years straight which also kinda helps.

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