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03-02-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Just a stupid thought on my part....and what if Dallas isn't stupid and just DON'T want Gionta?

Of course, we HAVE to prefer Cole...Ryder hasn't done much today. And Cole will probably score 1 maybe 2 in his first game. But like the Bourque vs Cammy trade...why don't we wait? I remember we loved the trade not that long ago, comparing Bourque great start of season compared to Cammy's slow start....If we look once again....Cammy did transformed his slow start to a pretty good one.

The thing is, the Habs aren't, as far as I'm concerned, a real Cup contending team. We can win those games in the regular season, but a tough matchup in 7 games? I don't see it. And if I don't see it, it's not the sole addition of Cole that makes me think otherwise. Based on that, I take the saving money and the 3rd to continue building a stronger team. And I would ahve also take the chance that while Cole might succeed THIS YEAR....he won't next year AND the year after.
Yea well if we're not really contenders and we trade a player for a pick and cap space, it's a pretty arrogant move for a GM. Cause our success stood on something not very solid and you trade a core player just cause he was shaky this season. It's like the GM said: "we're so great now that we can afford trading Cole" when in fact I thought Cole was much more important than than that in my opinion. He wasn't just a depth player while for Bergevin it's a depth trade really:" we need a right shot guy for the PP". I mean that's a joke, right. Maybe 5, 10 games from now Cole would have returned on the first line. Habs are not big and physical and get even less big and physical.

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