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07-20-2006, 01:28 PM
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It's hard to understand what players click with whom, or what player clicks with what team. Heck, year to year, on the same team with the same linemates, sometimes players start or stop clicking for one reason or another, so, who knows what was the case with Sammy in Edmonton.

I guess the one thing Samsonov has in Montreal is alot of fellow countrymen. Will this help his game??? Hard to say.

Will Montreal's style of play help Samsonov?? Or will it be a hinderance??? Hard to say.

Will Samsonov be a 40 goal player with Montreal...or will he struggle to get 20??? Hard to say.

Until we get some on ice evidence of what Sammy is going to do with Montreal it is hard to really predict anything. Sometimes the most logical guesses turn out completely wrong, while some of the more off the wall senerios hold true.

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