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03-02-2013, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs4ever View Post
Michael Camellari and Gionta agreed to sign with habs as a free agent right after Goimez trade was finalised, and they moved mainly because Gomez was coming to habs; and Camellari was later traded for 2nd round pick, Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland and we still have Gionta who can contribute or be traded away for more assets.

So, why no one remember the reason why this two other free agents signed that off season in Montreal?

It's sometimes good to look at the Big picture and this two acquisitions were very important for habs that off season.

So guys stop *****ing about losing Mcdo because we did get a better return if you know where to look.
Absolute nonsense.

Gionta openly admitted while he liked an opportunity to reunite with Gomez, he did not choose to sign because of him. He was impressed by the organization and completely baffled when Montreal made such a push. Basically, he felt humbled and once management sold him on the experience, he decided to come aboard.

Cammalleri spoke on RDS citing Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver were his three choices, with a preference toward eastern Canada. He chose Montreal because Toronto is where he spends his off season and he was afraid the constant media attention would be too much of a burden.

Gomez factored in on neither of their decisions.

Kessel is also being severely underrated. He is a better player than Seguin right now and likely will remain one for another few seasons. I love Seguin's game but the kid still has growing pains to work out, whereas Kessel is among the best snipers in the league. If the Leafs had good goaltending, they could get dragged into the playoffs by the merits of said goaltending and Phil Kessel. He may not necessarily be the typical "build around" player but Kessel is an elite scorer.

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