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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Thinking about Chemical Engineering but (atleast in Illinois) its mostly the same classes regardless of what Engineering i want to go into. It only really gets specific my last year which might be 2 years away.

I work in a relatively nice Italian restaurant. Its not some $70 per plate place but its definitely way above an Olive Garden. Its fine dining so would it be difficult to find a job pretty quickly with this place on my "resume"? The buddy i would be moving with sells cell phones (works for AT&T i think).

Would a waiter and Cell Phone salesman be able to afford a decent place? I realize i'm not going to be walking around with a bank roll every day but as long as i can support myself while i'm in school and afford to have a good time doing it, i should be fine.
Dumb question, but do you and your friend have mid-western ish accents? Those will probably go over well if you and your buddy are looking to get into the service industry. Koreatown has rents that are at least fairly reasonable (sort of) and is seemingly becoming more hipster every day. More desirable locals (downtown, and anywhere close to the coast) are going to cost an ass ton for a very modest place. I understand wanting a fresh start and all that but the cost of living here is a huge hindrance for a lot of recent transplants...I love so cal, but Chicago is a great city too. Think about it long and hard before taking the plunge

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