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03-02-2013, 02:13 AM
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Tigers still on PP. Diving breakup of a play by McIlrath. I really don't understand why Vernace, who's reckless with the puck, is out on the PK. Kreider is at the top of the pyramid on the PK.

Score by Bridge. A couple of yards out with a nice, sniper goal.

Penalty on Vernace. Damn, it can be a two goal game if they score now.

Phew, the Whale is back. The first period they were kidnapped and replaced by a good team, but now the sucky real team is here.

Bridge scores again. Holy crap. 5-3 with 12.5 minutes to go.

The Whale is just running around disoriented. As confident as they looked in the first period, they look just as bad right now.

Kabanov tried to put on his moves against McIlrath who played him perfectly.

Thomas with a very good offensive takeaway. Vernace skates down from the blue line in a manner similar to the first goal Leetch scored in Game 7 against the Devils in 1994, but instead of his own shot going on, Mash taps it in. Thomas with the other assist.

Kreider took a penalty. There's a team conspiracy to make Talbot's life as miserable as possible every game. I'm serious, this team plays like they hate Talbot.

Thomas with a take-away in center ice. What a terrific game by him.

Haley looks determined to make his way out of the AHL.

Thomas scored from almost the blue line, but it was such a hard slap shot that the goalie could do nothing. This shot looked like something Al MacInnis would fire. Even the commentators are now saying that one shouldn't try to get in the way of a shot like that. Pyett and Ferriero with assists.

Game over.

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