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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
Speak for yourself, I have hated the Red Wings or Redwings or whatever the hell they want to call themselves since I was born basically. I don't care about some crappy teams arena where a bunch of rednecks watch hockey, or the Avalanche or Stars who are meaningless to the Hawks. I do care about the 2nd most played rivalry in all of hockey and that the Hawks are the only O6 team in the west. The NHL sucks up to the Wings and the New York area teams but tells Chicago to shove it.
The funny thing about hockey fans is the conspiracy theories. Fans everywhere seem to think that the NHL has it out for their favorite team. Hawks fans think they are sucking up to the Wings; Wings fans, among others, think they are favoring southern market teams in an attempt to "grow the game", and Canadian fans seem to think the league is anti-Canada. Heck, even Penguins fans think the league is somehow conspiring against them, even though everyone else seems to agree that Bettman and Crosby are booty partners.

With all of that said, I don't buy the notion that the NHL is telling "Chicago to shove it". That would be stupid when considering that they are the nation's 3rd largest market and an original 6 team. The Hawks are one of the league's most valuable organizations.

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