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03-02-2013, 04:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
Exactly what large holes does he have in his game? His defense has been solid, he is our decompression valve in terms of getting the puck out of our end and up ice. Because he isn't CHris Pronger or Erik Karlsson we seem to feel that he would be a case of addition by subtraction? How did that work out with Semin?
His games played and point production has been on a steady decline for 4-5 years now. He can never be counted on to stay on the ice. I wanted him gone since the first interview I seen of him. His sulking weak personalty has no place being a #1 D. And now the people that say he is doing better are trying to make lemon aid out of lemons. His weak personalty show best on the power play. With his nonchalant soft passing. The guy still has some skill and it shows from time to time. But it will never be worth the money he makes. Or give the value we would of got the first few years I wanted him gone.

As for him getting better. He is the average girl standing in a room with a bunch of unattractive girls. He looks better by default.

Another example is Brooks. He is a guy that give a strong effort all the time. And will spend a little time at the net. On a team that does not give strong effort half the time. And really goes to the net. Therefor he looks like a hero.

EDIT - Even I know we can't trade him at this point. We have to hope for the best for our shiny apple that rotted on the vine.

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