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03-02-2013, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
One season doesn't justify a 4.1 million dollar increase for a solid defensive player in the first two years and one good offensive season. What we are paying him is on potential.

Duchene had an injury filled year when he wasn't playing 100% during all the games of the second half. I agree that the first half he was bad, but did have that game against Dallas.
I still think that many people here have selective memory.

Duchene had a terrible year, even BEFORE the injures (like you pointed out, but many forget).

A LOT of fans here wanted him traded (?). Don't we remember?! Many questioned his maturity level, he came in bad shape, expending his offseason fishing.

ROR wanted to be payed not just by his offensive production (altough he led the Avs last season), but for being the ultimate professional.

From all the reports, he was always the first guy in and the last guy out in practices, a leader in the locker room.

On the ice, he played against the other teams top line, shutting them down and scoring. It was the first year he had a linemate (Landeskog) who had any offensive potential. He did the job you expected Stastny or Duchene to do.

17M for 5 Years?! That's a slap in the face!

Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
What I meant about unlucky turn of the events, is directed to the people calling Sherman a moron for waiting this long to trade and now had to match this. Those same people would be calling him a moron for MDZ+Boyle as well.
The reason the entire FO looks like morons to me is because they felt, like many fans here, that ROR had no leverage, and that they could do whatever they wanted, including wait until the offseason to trade him, or get him to sign the deal the Avs wanted.

It blew in their faces!!! That's why Sherman looked so unconfortable on his press conference. He got schooled.

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