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03-02-2013, 06:16 AM
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Goalies are weird. You see them dominate the their previous league, only to struggle when called up. Some call it development. But a good goalie stopping pucks, is a good goalie stopping pucks. Likewise, you can always tell when a goalie will never turn out...

I played goalie a lot, and what was a huge pain was getting used to a new teams defensive strategy. Before, I was able to challenge without worry is so and so situations, turns out I cannot anymore. My game, as a goalie, changed completely in the crease.

I'm sure this is magnified greatly in the NHL (Red Wings in particular) level due to injuries, for one. No solid D-core, for two. No solidified D-system, for three.

People say "bad goal". "Bad angle". But the goalie has to play off the defense. And if the defense is a wreck, then the goalie is pretty much on his own. These goalies either look like heroes, or look like fools. This has been Howard's season in a nut shell so far.

As for Howard's weaknesses. All goalies have a weakness, every single one of them. It's up to the defense to make sure the goalie isn't exploited.

Why is Howard weak on the PK? Look at all the goals he's scored against on the PK. Either behind the net plays, or from the point. You shouldn't allow your goalie to be poke checked to death, while he is trying to cover the post/puck (likely a goal on the PK). Cross crease one timers. Plays that are set up from behind the net. Howard is a victim to these a lot too. He saves a good chunk, as he has an excellent glove hand. But why are these plays happening? But the kicker is the point shots. We can call them weak, or he could be screened by about 6-8 people. Whatever the case is...these are the ones he usually let's in the most (ES as well). So what do you do? Get out of the way so he can see the puck!

Any way. I think Howard is do what he can considering the tragedy that we call a defensive unit. A couple bad games aside? What the hell is he supposed to do?

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