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Originally Posted by scotchex View Post
Hockey has fared better in America, relatively speaking, because the hockey fanbase is higher income and whiter. The Great Recession has hit the middle to lower income groups hardest. Black middle class was devastated as was the hispanic middle class.
The same lower income first time house buyers who benefited during the boom, were crushed by the bust.

It's the same reason MLS was able to grow during the Great Recession. Their fans were disproportionately rich, highly educated white people.

Same reason Apple did so well during the recession. The upper middle class hasn't been hit hard. They still have plenty of disposable income.
I don't buy a lot of your argument. Yeah, hockey's fanbase is disproportionately white and whites, if you disagregate economic data by race, have fared better than other groups. But the core hockey demographic is working and lower middle-class whites (think place like Pittsburgh, Philly, suburbs of Detroit, etc...) and these people have been hit really hard by the Great Recession. I don't have the data, so perhaps I'm talking out of my ass, but my guess is that if you disagregated income data on class rather than race, you'd get a very different picture.

Of course this doesn't have as much of an effect in places like Anaheim, LA, Vancouver, etc... but in hockey's historical heartlands, I think it would.

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