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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
He's not defining "dinosaurs" based on any age. He's looking at players individually and realizing that some (actually many on our roster) are past their prime useless overpaid pylons who do not belong on a contending NHL team.
That's fine. But when you say you are "tired of old players" and that there are a lot of "dinosaurs" on the team, the only thing that I, and anyone else (unless they are a mind reader), can take from that is that you think the team has too many old players. It would have been impossible for me to know he was defining those words in any other way. If he meant there are a lot of useless contracts given to guys past their prime, he should have said that.

That's guys like Foster, Lilja, Shelley, Knuble, Boucher, Leighton, Walker. I don't agree with his inclusion of Pronger because as much as I didn't like that trade and feel that an eventual decline due to age / cumulative injuries was foreseeable, he was playing elite #1 defenseman type hockey when he went down due to a fluke concussion.

But the point is, there are several players on this team who do not belong within 100 ft of an NHL team. And it was obvious when we signed these guys that they were well past their prime and belonged out in a pasture somewhere, not on an NHL team. Knuble was clearly done when we wasted money and a contract on him. The best thing you can say about Knuble is that he's not actually dead yet. Ditto Lilja & Foster. Ditto Leighton and Boucher. Walker is on the roster because of Holmgren's errors in managing the cap. We knew he never truly belonged on an NHL team.

There's just too much of that dead weight, too many well past their prime guys or guys who've never been the same after they sustained an injury eating up space on this roster. In the future when our team gets in a bind, I'd prefer to see Holmgren try to fill the void with young players (Akeson, Noebels, McGinn, Manning, Gus, etc.) rather than just running out and acquiring old, useless warm bodies.
I think if you look at the rest of the league, you will see that these types of players are in every organization. Some slightly worse than on the Flyers, some slightly better. But a handful of contracts given out to aging veterans and some guys in their early 30s that aren't that good is the norm. I'd like to see young guys get a chance too...when they are ready. Putting a guy out there who is 21 but sucks is essentially the same as putting someone out there who is 31 who sucks. The difference is with the 31 year old you know he can handle the rigors of the NHL. It is silly to take a young kid and put him in simply because he is young and deserves a chance. If he can play, they would put him in. If he can't, they'll put someone else in. Gus is playing now (when not injured), same with McGinn. Akeson, Noebles, Manning, and others on the Phantoms, though younger than some of the players currently playing, might not be better. Knuble is way past his prime. I agree. But that doesn't mean that [insert young player here] would have been better.

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