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03-02-2013, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
The guy probably had bigger input to the show than anyone.

When you have a staff of writers + a showrunner who oversees everything and is as hands on as Harmon is, I don't think too much weight should be put into who the writing credit goes to. The show wouldn't have been what it was without Harmon, just like how Arrested Development would be nothing like it turned out if Mitch Hurwitz didn't stay as the showrunner, despite the fact that he didn't write all/most of the episodes.

The beginning of season 4 seems like pretty strong proof that it he makes a difference, good or bad.
I think that's way too small of a sample size - who's to say that the rest of the season won't be on-par with what it was in the past: some good episodes, some 'meh' episodes, and one or two great ones? Every episode, for me at least, has had a few laughs - none are definite winners for "Worst Episode Ever" which makes it seem that it's not a horrifically worse show now that Harmon is gone - he had a few "WEE" candidates, too.

There's a percentage of fans (not you in particular) that went into the season hoping/expecting to hate it, because Harmon was dismissed. I actually had someone say to me that they were "right" that it sucked, after the first episode. Anything short of orgasmically good was going to prove their theory, it seemed. They were quite obviously looking for an inferior show. That, to me, is "fanboyism" more than someone passively saying that it's not a terrible show now.

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