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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
Lucic is the only forward on the top three lines who consistently takes the body; the second and third line albeit highly skilled are easily near the bottom of the league in overall contact and wearing down defenses.

The one guy who has the speed and outstanding TECHNIQUE to unload is Knight. He is an elite body checker. Hopefully he is on the ice in the next week or so gets some games in and can help in April. I see Shaw, Zucker, Henrique, Gallagher, on and on, all players I really like but imo are no better or worse than JK.

The kid is a bowling ball on skates and whether he ends up top 6 or top 9 he is going to be valuable- and after watching the Bruins **** me off over and over by not doing any serious wear and tear on opposing D's I've had it,

I'm openly rooting for Bourque, but damn it- someone, anyone, Buehler? needs to start getting in and causing turnovers and putting the body on the defense.

Knight will be outstanding at this. They been winning but when the bullets fly starting May we shall see....also to deal Spooner or Koko or Subban for a rental is just bleeping moronic. Talk about fast food mentality. Trade Spooner, trade Knight, trade them all if you want- FINE but if it is not in a package for a long term top 9 or top 4 defense they can fit into the system without losing other key contributors I'm good.

You want rentals you bundle guys like Joe Colborne with draft picks- firsts and conditionals, but you trade Malcolm Subban or Khokhachev and watch these guys play for years and years long after Iginla or Alfredsson are gone.

Dallas traded Iginla for Nieuwendyk and I clearly remember quite a few Dallas fans even with the Cup they won lamenting that deal- there is a 10 years history on HF you can go find this stuff

and Calgary while on the subject traded Brett Hull for Rob Ramage and won a Cup....great trade off. not

our own Bruins probably would have had 5-7 Cups in the 70's had they kept the 3rd and 4th overall picks in Reggie Leach and Rick McLeish in deals for veterans. Bad deals very bad

be careful what you wish for- there is no guarantee the Bruins cant win as is or with minor tweaking, and there is no guarantee they will with Iggy or Alfredsson.

If Calgary takes a Colbourne like package fine- but you include players who have a high probability for NHL good careers its just impulse emotion raging shortsightedness
I keep reading your posts on Knight and clearly he`s a kid you love, I hope he can get and stay healthy so I get to see what you have commented, and others like Dom have about this kid and how he plays when 100% healthy, I smell fan favourite if he can

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