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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
What were Burke's methods in Anaheim? Take over team mostly built by someone else...and have the luxury of easily signing Neidermayer because Rod was already there and use assets provided for him to grab Pronger. It sounds more impressive then it is. The deals that turned Anaheim from good team to Cup winner weren't crafty...they were kinda brainless.

He had a chance to build a team from the ground up in Toronto and failed miserably while many teams were using metrics. It's in its infancy but they've found a way to explain a lot of different areas of life with numbers, they may with hockey as well..although if it happens, it'll be a process.

It's never gonna replace the eye completely, and probably not even mostly....but the eye can be deceiving as well. His eyes led him to constantly beleive his goaltending was better than it was, among other delusions.
If you can name another GM in the century long history of the NHL to take a team from close to last to first in a year and a half while literally overhauling 75% of the roster (I believe there were 6 or 7 players left), all the while trading away his top 5 scorers and assembling an entire D corps and having the offensive contributions of those stellar core pieces people like to cling to as a discredit to his work (which for the record are the worst offensive contributions any set of forwards has had since the lockout), well knock yourself out.

By the by, a day or two ago those goalies you speak of sat 5th and 6th in the NHL for SV %.

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