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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
As far as goalies go? Ben Bishop comes to mind.

Goalies have a much slower development path than skaters do. Even very highly touted ones usually require at least 3-4 years of post-draft development before they are ready for the NHL.
'Cause when we drafted Price, we had award-winning trophy winner in Theodore. 'Cause some goalies through the draft still end up playing a very good role for their team. I have no idea why those guys would be wasted picks. It's just more apparent that they are 'cause there's actually 2 spots on every team...but others don't fulfill their expectations as well.

I do know all those things about development path and so on. Yet, when it's time to make a judgment on an older goalie that finally has some success, you are in a battle with 29 other teams. You can,t base yourself on the possibility in acquiring an older one. I really thought Brad Thiessen would have been great. And he was....for 1 year. But most goalies who are playing in the NHL right now...HAVE been drafted. If Toronto isn't stupid...they would be cashing in right now with Rask. Thank god for Rinne in Nashville and so on...A Preds team that while missing with Smith and Pickard, won with a very good backup in Lindback and are about to win big with Hellberg.

And even if they are slower to said it yourself...we have Price. But who knows what Price will be about in 4 years. Since we're not rushed for goalie because we have Price, why panic because it takes 4 year for a goalie to develop?

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Really not agreeing with you here. He's not soft...(Didnt watch the game though) but I've seen alot from him and he's skilled, big, fast. What do you want more ? He plays like Patches.
Absolutely not. He's tentative, defensively he has no idea where to position himself, people get confused with his flash and dash moves but overall he doesn't use the body he has. He isn't proactive out there. He's not totally untalented obviously, 'cause if he was, I wouldn't have spend time to watch him. But I don't believe in him. I'd take way more a guy like Erne than him for example. Of course if he falls and falls....I'd guess I'd reconsider. But when I put a guy on ND, it means that he's "scheduled to go top 2 rounds and for me, he's not making the list, I will have more guys ahead of him. 3rd round? Maybe, not even sure I,d be interested, pretty sure he won't be available though.

For me, Sorensen is a bigger version of Andreas Athanasiou who I also had has a ND in his draft year.

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