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03-02-2013, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Phunhog View Post
What's better?

Chicago 35 consecutive games with a point (but w/ ot loss)


Flyers 35 games unbeaten.
Coming out of the lockout, we had this conversation because I was told the NHL considers shootouts the statistical equal of ties. I assume that had not been amended in any format. That is limited to shootout losses, not OT losses. I proposed an extreme and obviously unlikely example of a team losing 36 consecutive games via the shootout and whether that would be considered a better streak than going 25-0-10 (25 wins, 10 ties) as did the Flyers. I was told, yes, that 36 straight shootout losses is more impressive than 25-0-10. Imagine losing 36 straight games in the shootout and celebrating that as the longest "unbeaten" feat in history? I guess the word "unbeaten" has to be emphasized with the 25-0-10 mark.

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