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03-02-2013, 09:34 AM
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Every decade is great but the 70s is untouched;

Hard Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Jam Rock, Prog Rock, Soul, Krautrock, Afrobeat, Country, Folk, and that's only within the first 5-6 years. Then in the late 70s came Punk, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and the beginnings of Hip Hop.

80s was very good but at times the production (like the "Gated Drums" sound Phil Collins made popular and everyone copied + way too much reverb on everything) was too much and there were a lot of records that were great but don't feel as warm as the 70s stuff.

90s is my second favorite decade. So much explosive stuff from commercial metal, alternative, G Funk Hip Hop, and there were a bunch of great indie records in metal, rock, hip hop, etc. The problem with the 90s is that a majority of the good music was in the early to mid part of the decade. Even though I'm only recently getting into Jeff Buckley around the time he passed away is coincidentally when everything went to crap.

2000s had some very good stuff but it was mostly indie.

2010s so far has been pretty brutal but that's because the rules have changed; albums are treated like baseball cards with downloading and mp3s and there's like 10 artists being pushed (Adele, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Drake, Mumford and Sons, Nikki Minaj, Drake, and right now this band fun. is all the rage) Every once in a blue moon a Kendrick Lamar comes around and a band like Tomahawk puts out an album with little to no press. The internet (Pitchfork, IGN, etc.) and network TV has a major say in what gets pushed not radio or MTV.

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