Thread: Great Britain: Hockey in Britain part 3
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03-02-2013, 10:04 AM
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It's not like rugby for example where a guy can be thrown straight into the game and be effective because he is strong and/or fast (just look at that American sprinter guy who one day decided to play rugby sevens)
Completely disagree. Rugby takes a lot of game theory and knowledge to play well. The minor nations like the USA have tended to have the athletes but don't do well because their guys just don't have the incisive knowledge of the game. I grew up in the US and played rugby instead of football, so I was "fluent" in the game. There were many opportunities where I took advantage of my ex-gridiron opponents because my mind was that half-second quicker to spot something as compared to an ex-gridiron player trying to translate that situation in his mind.

You can see that in the US vs. Canada. Canada's athletes are less impressive than the US's athletes but they usually beat us at rugby because rugby is more popular there and their players start playing at 10-12 years old while many US players don't pick up the game until college.

Sevens a bit different, it's not really rugby most of the time. Carlin Whatshisname is nice, but what he's doing in rugby is like winning a slam dunk contest and saying you can play basketball.

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