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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
There's only 60 minutes in a game. Only so many o-zone starts, so many d-zone starts, only so much PP time, etc. Gionta can't get it done at an acceptable rate on the PP (haha) or on the top line. Leaving him in the middle 6, which he'll be surpassed by Patches, DD, Gallagher and Galchenyuk. Therefore: 3rd line at best.

The cap is going down to 64m, there is no way Gionta AND Perry fit in - no way.

You're ignoring reality. You can't have a top6 with 3 players under 5'8" nor a 5m third-liner. End of story.

If you can't refute the arguments, you're not worth arguing with. If you add Perry and don't remove anyone else - Gionta doesn't fit at all. If you can't see that, then you don't really understand to much, now do you?
You're right and wrong at the same time if you'd ask me.
It all depends on your assumption.

True, we can't have a top 6 with 3 players under 5'8".......and you can't have a $5M player on the third line.

My assumption is that Galchenyuk will taker the top 6 center position in the next year or so. Plekanec is as usefull as can be, playing against top offensive line (no other center with the Habs can do that right now)

So therefore...will you paid Desharnais 4m-5M to be put sooner than later on the
3rd line?

Perry plays top minutes, against the top offensive line......DD can't do that, so his Pacioretty.....why built your line that way??

Gionta might not worth his contract, might not be needed if Perry comes in.....but Gionta got the advantage to be able to shutdown big opponent lines.

Here's a formation for you, with Perry and Gionta:

Bourque - Plekanec - Perry
Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Gallagher
Prust - Eller - Gionta

The third line as the ability to shutdown big lines, and produce offensively.
Size is there, speed, and special units are covered!!

Gionta got one more years on his contract......That money will be used to signe Subban and/or Eller and/or Diaz and/or Emelin long term.

Gionta and Perry is not really a problem....but with DD's new contract....there's a real problem!!!

Perry or DD, you're choices!!
Cause if the Habs gets Perry and sign DD long term.....there would be no money left to sign thoses players!!

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