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03-02-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JonathanHuberdoh View Post
If we are truly buying him out I find it to be a waste and poor management on Tallon's part.

First of all, he wasn't THAT needed to begin with. Yah we welcomed him but short of his first game he has been very ineffective.

Tallon should've recognized this. Also, it's only a 1-year deal. Why not waive him and send him to the AHL to play out the remainder (or maybe someone claims him?).

I will be pretty unhappy if this is true. Wasting one of our buyouts on an aging vet with 25 games left on his contract is incredibly stupid and kind of bush league. Tallon is better than this.

Would much rather buyout Upshall or Kuba at this point (at the end of the season, no point in doing it now).
I think it was a bad signing because the majority of people said he was going to be a disaster and there was a lot of evidence supporting this.

I do think Tallon didn't expect to get the production he has out of Hubs and Mueller and certainly not Shore who he didn't even give a spot to at the start of the season. Coupled with our injuries he needed to find a low risk signing that might provide offense.

At least the contract is for just this year.

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