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Originally Posted by wunderpanda View Post
People stepped up, Burkle for one, the Maloofs refused to sell and declared the Kings weren't for sale then signed the deal with Hansen after the Virginia Beach deal fell thru. People were blindsided because the Maloofs kept saying the team wasn't for sale.

I'm not positive on what the story was in Seattle when they sold, but a few things were clear to me. They were sold after the owner tried to negotiate an arena deal for 2 years. There was a vote prohibiting the use use of public funds to build a new arena but they had also just partially funded 2 new stadiums. The team remained in Seattle as the new owner tried (not sure how hard he tried) for a year or two to reach an arena deal. Stern even corrected the revisionist history at the NBA All Star game.

I'm not saying the Kings won't relocate, just that its not the same scenario as when the Sonics left.
Didn't Sac also have a public vote on an arena that was voted down overwhelmingly? And Burkle obviously didn't make a high enough offer (if he did at all) but Hansen did. It was not a big secret they would sell for a high enough price, so the idea that Sac didn't know the team was for sale just isn't true. Those are the facts. You are cherry picking information to make your point.

Here is what it will come down to ... owners and their ability to sell their asset for max value. Period. All the stuff about attendance and fan support means nothing. I wish it meant more ... that would mean the Sonics would have never left (we had a big rally too ... thousands showed up. We also had a last minute arena and ownership plan ... and at the end of the day it meant nothing) and Sac would be staying. In a perfect world one of these teams get an expansion team but it isn't a perfect world so I think it means Sac is next in line for a team/leverage for ownership to maximize the value of their own franchise should they decide to sell/move.

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