Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-02-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by mmbt View Post
A potential Cup contender doesn't dismantle its team. Reducing your chances this year only to end up in the same spot next year (when according to your argument they should just trade kessel for a lesser player) is true incompetence. Basically you're saying two years of mediocrity is better than going for the Cup.

Better to rebuild after a Cup run than to never have a run at all, and then be forced to rebuild just one year later anyway. Asset management is a means to an end (ie Cup contention) ... it is not the end itself.
A potential cup contender is usually in a position to resign it's most valuable players, and if there's somebody that has to go afterwards, it's the periphery players, which is fine.

You never put all your eggs in one basket. The Stanley Cup playoffs are far too unpredictable to make such a shortsighted move. If Anaheim cannot resign Corey Perry, they've gotta trade him, bottom line. Just like the Leafs would have to trade Phil Kessel at next year's deadline if they couldn't sign him and were dumb enough to begin the season with him unsigned.

I'm saying that keeping yourself in a position to be a cup contender year after year is important.

Originally Posted by mmbt View Post
So you should never have any star free agents? I guess the Ducks should have traded Selanne and Giguere instead of winning the Cup in 2007 then. Maybe Niedermayer too since he was considering retirement .... After all why let him retire for nothing when you can secure your long term future?
No, you should be signing them in the offseason before they become UFAs, if in fact they are your star players. The middle-of-the-lineup guys are who you should need some time to make decisions on. Obviously, the guys considering retirement are a little bit different, when they're more valuable to you than they are somebody else (there's an understanding that if they play next year, it will most likely be for you again).

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