Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-02-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by mmbt View Post
How does downgrading from Perry to Kessel put them in a position to contend either this year OR next year OR beyond? It's not like Kessel is dirt cheap, any savings they might have next year wouldn't exactly allow the team to go sign a major impact player. It'd be one thing if we were truly talking about a long-term asset in exchange for Perry, even if it were a slight downgrade. But we're talking one whole season's worth of difference.

So then you are in fact asserting that the right move in '07 would have been for the Ducks to trade Giguere and Selanne, seeing as how they were the team's star players yet were pending UFAs. Gotcha. So by your argument, the Ducks winning the Cup was a sign of incompetence ... what they should have been doing was stockpiling for some hypothetical future dynasty.

The problem with your line of reasoning is that even if you build a deep, loaded team, you're still going to be faced with SOMEONE coming up on UFA status at some point. In a capped league you can never keep every impact player forever.
They're not downgrading from Perry to Kessel, they're upgrading from nothing to Kessel. That whole season of difference is substantially better than the Ducks can expect for an impending UFA. He is a major impact player. You seem to be struggling with the concept that this entire thread is based on Perry not wanting to resign in Anaheim.

I'm asserting that the right move would've been to sign Giguere prior to the deadline. Selanne didn't matter as much, because he didn't hold any more value to any other team, as he was only going to play in Anaheim, if he did play.

Losing players to UFA is fine. Losing your 2 best players at the age of 27 is not.

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