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03-02-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
Not at all, Greg wasn't the one who gave Ryan the contract he wanted, he just matched it, once Ryan had already missed half of this shortened season and lost the privilege of playing with Landy, all while hurting his image around the league. Ryan may have gotten the money he wanted for the next year and a half, but he hurt himself in the negotiations after that unless he just goes ******* for the next 100 games.

If our future RFAs try to point to Ryan's salary, Greg has a lot to point to that'll counteract that because the Avs didn't buckle.
If Ryan works as hard as he has these last three seasons and builds upon last year's breakout, people will quickly forget any deficits in character he has.

Yeah, his rep took a ding for this. Doesn't mean he's the loser in this sad little saga. It just means he cares about $$$ as much as most other professional athletes.

Again, Sherman was FORCED to match a contract he didn't want to pay O'Reilly because he flat-out got outmaneuvered.

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