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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
If we had the Habs roster, I might care about the answer to that hypothetical question. But we have the Pens roster, and we don't need to speculate to see how Therrien's methods eventually turn out with them.

There are different approaches to coaching, and it seems the grass is always greener depending on what kind of coach you have, unless you go 82-0. We aren't privy to how players are disciplined under Bylsma, because contrary to what Therrien and many here appear to believe, there are ways other than calling them out in the press or benching them outright.

It's funny. For all the deification Badger Bob gets from long-term Pittsburgh fans, it seems few of them remember how he went about his business.
If Bylsma even sniffed Badger Bob's clipboard, I'd agree with you. Everyone wants to point out Therrien's move of Orpik to forward, but they forget when he did the same with Whitney. After it happened Whitney played exceptionally well.

Coaches like Therrien absolutely have a shorter shelf life, but again that's due to entitled athletes these days. Guys like Therrien, Hitchcock, Keenan, and Bowman are all cut from the same cloth even though they're not all the same caliber. At the same time they've all gotten great results from rosters that didn't have the two best players in the world to overcome a lot of hardship they'd otherwise have.

When they started sliding under Therrien they had significant injuries and no point presence on the PP. He also juggled lines to a maddening degree, which Bylsma does anyways, and our only discipline problem was a too many men on the ice call every 8-10 games. In all seriousness, maybe I'm just revising history though. That's how I remember it though, and I also remember a much more consistent Malkin.

EDIT: I think only Gonchar was hurt that season, my mistake.

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