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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I believe the rest of his game is overrated. To say that he has done an admirable job because he is safe defensively, is to say that most of the other 4th liners are also admirable, hence them playing in the NHL. He is as responsible defensively as tons of other players in the league. His job as a 4th liner is to indeed not be scored on, but to bring toughness and energy. I don't see the energy and I see a guy letting Prust do the "tough" part. Look on every team and you will find a lot of Moen's. The idea is to find a Moen that is actually willing to do his job. And being a GM is also to project in the future and I believe it's not too hard to predict that his game is declining and will for the future years. He might "ressuscitate" in his new team, like most of the new players do, but will continue his descent as his career progress. That's what happens to tough and energy players that keep playing that role for so many years. They don't last as long as the "fancy" ones. You need to be proactive in moving a guy you think that his only good trait is to be safe defensively. His lack of speed is now even making him less interesting on the PK. I'd clearly have Pleks-Gionta, Prust-Eller, Armstong-White ahead of him now.

And if it's all you hear....well you haven't been listening.
I disagree that he is mere "safe defensively". His defensive IQ is higher than most grinders. Also, his offensive game isn't bad for a bottom 6 player. He always produced reasonably well when he played on the 3rd line with some skill guys. I'd say Moen's defensive game is underrated and underappreciated among Habs fans, especially when it gets compared to every other bottom 6 player. Guys like Moen in addition to Plekanec, Gionta, Prust and Eller are why this team is doing so well on the defensive aspect of the game. These are all high quality defensive forwards. They help out the D so much.

Moen is doing his job. He's a big body top 9 defensive forward. He's playing on the 4th line because of depth purposes, but he can easily slot into a top 9 role on the habs and fill it more than adequately. You think Moen isn't doing his job based on what you think Moen's job should be. I really don't see the need to move Moen. Depth is soooooooooooooo important in the nhl and Moen is great depth to have. If anyone is replaceable it's White and Armstrong. Moen brings intangibles and subtleties to his game that deserve recognition and appreciation and that place him higher in the depth chart over guys like White and Armstrong. I think even though they are different style of players, I think Moen and Prust are comparable to the player type aka Top 9 forwards with a heightened defensive awareness. The only difference is that fans like Prust's games more because of the mythical and over-glorified toughness aspect of the game.

I really do think that replacing Moen with a tough guy, makes this team worse. It gives the coach less options in case of injuries to fill a spot in the top 9 adequately for a short period of time. It decreases our team defense.

I'm not saying Moen isn't replaceable, but unless we replace him with a high quality defensive forward, there isn't any reason to move him.

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