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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post
Razor, sorry I have to respectfully disagree. Hunter will have them ready and not only will the Knights win the OHL Cup, I say they will win the Memorial Cup. How can you not admire that franchise, I mean the Knights are the New York Yankees of the OHL. Every player dreams of being drafted by the knights that run easily the best, first class team in the OHL if not all of Junior hockey. Don't get me wrong, I think Windsor has a good organization and hopefully next year the player movement happens to get back to the palyoffs, but how can anyone even if you do not like London, not see that they set the standard, that all teams should be measured by.

I would also be curious to see if someone had the numbers on the number of Knight players who eventually played in the show. It could be worse Razor, the Spits could be the Otters, who even with McDavid are a very sad and pathetic these days, it is not even anything to laugh at, but I hope Windsor gets back to the palyoffs next year. Any thoughts on any organizatiion that equals or betters LONDON ?

Laying it on a bit thick there I think. You can compare them to the Yankees but I would beware of such comparison because they have won exactly 1 World Series in the last 12years. I have seen many collapses from the Yankees in recent playoff history as well.

Well Grubauer became the 10th Spit from the Memorial Cup teams to play in the NHL. From the 05 Knights Memorial Cup 11 appeared in the NHL but that's over the past 7-8 years. This is including Coleman who hasn't played a game in the NHL for 7 years, Larman who hasn't played a game in 3 years, washout Robbie Schremp, Syvret who has only played 59 NHL games, Bryan Rodney 34 games. In fact Ellis and Fowler have already passed those 2 D. The only players on that London team to make their mark in the NHL are Girardi, Methot, Perry, Prust, Bolland.

I would still take Portland over London. London has injury concerns with Griffith and Harrington. Portland has high NHL picks like Wotherspoon and Pouliot to go with maybe the 1st pick overall in Seth Jones. I also believe they have more top tier talent. I don't think London is as good as last year. They have some more refined talent like Horvat and Domi which helps but they don't have the strength of 19 year olds to carry them like last year. Harrington and Griffith are nice but doesn't compare to last year.

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