Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-02-2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
All of the teams who let their star players walk as UFAs ****** up.

When you're multiplying it by 2 guys, in a fragile hockey market, that's a way to ruin a franchise.
or maybe you just don't understand the full impact of playoff revenue at all, and like most fans can't appreciate the financial impact this has on ownership?

You'd think that if it was so obvious that all teams "**** up" when they let their star players walk via FA, there would be some team out there - even one single team in the history of this game - that would understand something that you think is so obvious and we'd see one single example of a playoff team EVER that is then smart enough to trade their upcoming FA for something in return instead of seeing them walk for nothing.

But no, in REALITY (yea, I know a foreign concept to many here), NO TEAM that is in a playoff position EVER does this. Do you think there might be a reason for this, other than sheer stupidity by the entire collective NHL here throughout history?

But maybe you're right. Every GM, every team, every ownership group, are all a bunch of morons for operating this way, while you're the only bright guy around here that sees how things really should operate?

Or maybe, there's a better chance that GMs and teams have more information than you do on the impact of playoff revenues, and thus feel that the smarter thing to do is to hold on to their star FA, even if they lose them, because of whatever impact they can have for their organization, even if they walk for nothing?

Nah, can't be. Every GM, team and ownership group are obviously idiots, while you're the only one that understands how hockey should work!

Think about it for a second... maybe there's a reason why NO TEAM EVER that is in a playoff position deals their star upcoming UFA just to get something for them instead of losing them for nothing, when they can have an impact in the playoffs. When there's such an overwhelming list of examples, so much so that we see EVERY TEAM operate the same way with every one of their star soon to be UFAs, maybe there's something that you don't understand here, that pro team GMs and ownerships seem to?

Again, please give me ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE here to support what you're suggesting, or do you really believe that you're the only one that knows how things should work, while all GMs and teams are morons?

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