Thread: Value of: Phil Kessel for Corey Perry?
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03-02-2013, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Playoff revenue is undoubtedly important, but so are season tickets. Swapping Perry for Kessel isn't going to dramatically impact their ability to obtain playoff revenue.... it will impact their season tickets though.
as I've asked several times now, could you please give me an example of any team ever that has done it "the right way" according to you. And I'm looking for a comparable example here - a team that is in a playoff position, that deals one of their star soon to be UFAs that same season.

Surely when something is so stupid to not do, as you're suggesting, there must be some examples of a smart GM that did it the right way?

So can you provide any examples from any teams in such situations?

Or are you suggesting that every GM in this position (playoff team with star upcoming UFA) is an idiot?

edit: just to add to that, when it comes to season ticket revenues, most of the impact happens prior to the start of the season. Do you think the Ducks season ticket base is better off having a better shot at the Cup (which Perry no doubt gives them over a guy like Kessel), or having another asset for the following season? Perry has won a Cup with the Ducks. Kessel's entire playoff history is unproven and so is his chemistry with the Ducks to begin with, where we know Perry fits that team well. I think most people would argue that the Ducks have a much better chance at advancing further with Perry than they do with Kessel. So how do ticket sales get impacted say if the Ducks make it to the conference finals, and then lose, and then lose Perry the following year, vs losing in the first round with Kessel, but having him the following year?

My guess is that season ticket sales will be higher after a conference finals season than a 1st round exist, regardless of who's back for another season and who hits FA, again given how a huge majority of season ticket sales actually happen prior to the start of any season.

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