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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
As pointed out a few times, there are risks involved with it, and very little upside.

The idea was not destroyed because it was a simple suggestion, it was destroyed due to the numerous points made, and the logic behind them.

He is what we need at all. And it's quite obvious when the majority of the fan base vehemently opposes him coming over, that most fans have finally moved on.

It's not "pathetic", it's called "reality". It's not a matter of being cocky, it's a matter of looking at our roster and realizing that Kovalev really can't help us at all. People are understandably getting frustrated with his name endlessly thrown around as some sort of Messiah. The strongest argument I have seen is that he wants to retire in Montreal, which is nice, but irrelevant to the needs of the team.
lol ...quite a few "fans" got no clue...
many hate playesr cause they dont produce in there hockey pools....

Picture this ,2 months before Therrien was hired i make a post saying

"Should habs bring back Michel Therrien"

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