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03-02-2013, 12:52 PM
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Carey's style is such that he steals many games, but you barely notice because of how easy he makes it look. He is positionally one of if not the best goaltender in the league, so he doesn't put himself out of position enough to need to make highlight reel saves that stand out. Every goaltender will allow a bad goal here and there, but most goalies have the ability to make flashy saves to make you quickly forget about them. The best highlights you'll see out of Price are glove saves point blank, and some random stick saves when there's a lot of traffic in and around the crease.

Remember that crazy glove saves a couple of seasons ago against Chad Larose? You wouldn't see that now since, even if Larose scored through a hole in Price, Price would already be over to that side. One of the things he becomes better and better at is his anticipation. Remember when (I forget who it was) a few games ago, Price almost got beat by going behind the net to stop a dump-in, but instead the player fooled him by shooting it at the net from center ice? He was doing his typical Price-style anticipation, and the guy who shot it was a veteran and did what not many players would even think to do, something you can't anticipate. It takes that to beat him most of the time.

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