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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Where is the complaint again? Reading comprehension seems to be a big problem on these boards. E = CH² hasn't made a complaint. He's made a simple observation. It's not because we're at the top of the East that we have to stop discussing our team, especially the savior, Carey Price.

I think some people have problems with their emotions tbh. He hasn't bashed/put down or complained about Price at all. Simply stating he isn't the best in the league isn't complaining. He's stated ad nauseum that he is plenty content with Price's play. Try reading the posts instead of arguing against a position he's never held.
Yes but discussing where Price hasnt stolen a game when the habs really havent been outplayed except for that terrible leafs game, doesnt have much substance to it. Hes been making timely saves in most games and really that is all it comes down to in the end as long as the team is winning. The time for theft will come but the team was playing so well that they didnt need it until the second of a back to back and Budaj plays those games.

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