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12-20-2003, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ClashCitiRockr
The top players in Ottawa could be gone to free agency, depending on the new CBA, in the next year or two and with the raises that will be warranted, hard to retain. There are many more factors other than just stats or bein a highlite real, when it comes to a trade.
Spurious argument. If the new CBA has a team-destroying cap, Havlat is exactly the kind of player that the Sens will want to keep (young and cheap) while Jokinen is exactly the kind of player the Sens will have to move (not as young and more expensive).

Me, I'd love to have Jokinen on the Sens. Just not at the cost of anyone on the core.

Besides, the Sens' biggest Cup need is a mobile VETERAN defenceman (you heard it here first).

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