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03-02-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by juantimer View Post
Not sure why people keep saying this. The coaching change was huge and stuart was a huge signing. PK was our glaring problem last year and he fixed it. Giving sheppard a regular place on the team is also the right move. He did make a mistake IMO with burish, but on balance the moves he made were positive and a 4th line signing should not make or break the team.
Several points. They did fix the PK. But part of the fix for the PK may be what is bringing down the scoring. Their 5on5 d zone coverage is different and it looks like a Robinson/NJ system. NJ did it with skaters. IMO, it could be the mixture of styles which is hamstringing the team and not the players. I do think there is a perfect storm which has knocked the Sharks down a notch from last year. I don't think that with a short season that it is a good idea to make major style changes. Too easy to fail. Part of the perfect storm is DW's lack of attention to what he needs for the bottom lines and his lack of skill prospects in the farm system. I think that he has played a little bit of the grass is greener game in his personnel decisions and that never works well. All sorts of little chickens coming home to roost.

I don't think the Sharks are anywhere near out of the playoffs yet. But I do think that they have set themselves up for a huge fail if they do get to the post season. They are running into the whole thing of being too patient with slumps which has been an historical issue. The post-season doesn't allow for prolonged slumps.

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