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Originally Posted by black charger View Post
Quite often actually,probably 2 or 3 games a week for the past 30 years and more in the play-offs.

Also been coaching kids for 20 years.Making players on the opposing team look twice to see who's on the ice buys your team valuable seconds to make a play.As well as giving team - mates piece of mind that their opponent is not going to take liberties with them for fear of getting a shot in the head.
So do you dress 9 year old monster goons on the 4th line to intimidate your opposing team too? I think I'd actually be more afraid of the Rats in the league if Im on the ice....guys like Matt Cooke or Sean Avery...guys who can play and maybe even score a big goal or two, and will be dirty in will hit you face first into the boards or get under the other teams superstars skin....way more effective than a monster goon ala
Orr who really is only effective beating down the opposing monster goon...who else in their right mind would fight Orr or McLaren for that matter? Those guys don't go after Crosby or Malkin, Stamkos or Giroux....they would never be on the ice at the same time. They aren't effective at eliminating the rats like Cooke either because no way Cooke would ever drop the gloves against those guys...he is not in the same weightclass..he'd get destroyed.

Im all for toughness and grit...I love it, but I like to see guys who can play while delivering it... And I think Orr is probably necessary in the odd matchup against the tougher teams but not even against every team. THe toughest team the Leafs will play is the Bruins....they don't even dress the equivalent of an Orr or McLaren...Guys like Lucic. Chara and Thornton are regular players who can play in many situations.

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