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Originally Posted by Skeptix View Post
Not for nothing, but someone has to try them. Half of the team dumps the puck behind the net every time they get the puck along the boards. This is why I love Kadri right now, he's taking the risks. Our rushes and off. zone pressure is too conservative. Especially on our power play... when everyone is moving, something happens, more noticeable when any of Phaneuf/Franson/Liles are on the backend during the PP. This team just doesn't comprehend throwing the puck at the end, they'd rather pass it 15 times around the perimeter and turn it over in the corner than take a shot.
Many of the risks he takes are good ones, but there are the odd passes he tries that he simply needs to identify as bad ideas. I don't mind turnovers in general, but there are good turnovers and bad turnovers, and when you have the puck deep in the opposition's zone, but try to throw it to the point with a defender in the way who can easily pick it off, that's a very bad turnover as it leads to tonnes of odd man rushes or breakaways.

It's not a huge deal, as I noted earlier Kadri is playing VERY well despite his flaws, because he also has tonnes of strengths. But strength/balance, faceoffs, and bad turnovers are areas that definitely need work in his game. His passing reminds me a fair bit of young Spezza, who made plenty of brilliant plays, but also too many bad turnovers on passes that he really should never have attempted. Over time Spezza has learned to cut down on the super dangerous passes, while still keeping the creativity in his game, I'm sure Kadri can do the same with time.

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