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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
So he got outsmarted by an idiot. There you have it.

Why should we not criticize the guy for just sitting there and listening to offers instead of actively shopping him and trying to get a fair trade for the guy?

Again, by just relying on "the code" he let his so-called plan rest on a flimsy, unwritten rule. And it burned him.
Well that is not the word I would use. He got burned by an idiot who didn't know the rules.
A hypothetical example:
There is a competition that goes as follows: The first one to hit an airfield with his/her plane gets to keep the plane.
Sherman is thinking "right, I'm ahead here, so If I make a silky-smooth landing here I'll win and get a perfect plane as my prize".
What he didn't know was that Feaster, who was still quite close behind, wanted to win as well. Feaster then thought that he shouldn't care about the landing cause he didn't realize his plane would be destroyed, and instead went full throttle and hit the airfield with full speed while just jumping out beforehand. Of course his plane was wrecked and his prize nullified.

Then when Sherman comes home empty-handed his sponors and fans are pissed at him for not winning.

Again, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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