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03-02-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Panteras View Post
true, it's a ridiculous amount to pay for Club Red, nevertheless, you also have to think that 1) if we were better there might not be a need for this gimmick, 2) if we were better then there might be many more people to pay that kind of money...
1) and 2) Club Red was opened a year after we made the playoffs.

Originally Posted by Panteras View Post
hey listen, I'm poor, I don't have a problem sitting in the nose bleeds, I'm not crying about it...if you were a sth in that area, then either don't be sth anymore or get them somewhere hoo..
I'm fairly certain that if you were a season ticket holder (especially a long time one) in that area, the best seats in the house, prior to this year that was used to paying $5K only to be told you had to pay three times as much to keep your seats this year you'd be quite upset. They alienated those fans in a town that needs all the hockey fans it can get. It looks horrible on television (every other team's fans notices it and comments on it) and it's becoming a running joke. Not sound business sense.

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