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Originally Posted by BigDuke View Post
Based on what I have seen on a few websites...

1. Benson (AB) Forward
2. Clague (AB) Defensemen
3. Steel (AB) Forward
4. Kryski (BC) Forward
5. Fabbro (BC) Defensemen
6. Hannoun (BC) Forward
7. Patrick (MB) Forward
8. Malenstyn (BC) Forward
9. Barberis (BC) Defensemen
10. Quenneville (AB) Defensemen

Honourable mentions: White (BC), Howden (MB), Jost (BC), Aucoin (AB)

Feel free to disagree.
I don't know anything about SK or MB players.
I have seen Clague and was mightily impressed. I can accept that he would rank slightly ahead of my top 2 D-men in BC. I've also heard from enough people who I trust that Benson and Steel are both exceptional. The only BC Forward that I can imagine might be close to them is Jost (POE).
All that being said, your top 3 seems to be a reasonable possibility but I'll be shocked if Jost doesn't go in the Top 10. And like you, I also expect Fabbro and Barberis to go in the Top 10.
Kryski may very well go in the 1st Round, but definitely not in the Top 10. He's not even in my Top 5 BC prospects, which are currently:
Fabbro (BWC)
Jost (POE)
Barberis (BWC)
MacDonald (POE)
Benjafield (NSWC)
I expect at least three of those to go in the Top 10.
Others from BC who could go in the 1st round are: Hannoun, Anholt, Malenstyn, Kryski, White, Gingras, and Paivarinta (cuz he's a legit 6' 3", that's why).

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