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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
Sorry if this was discussed to death at the time in the GDT, but Z should/will get at least 2 games, probably 3 for a blatant leaping hit with first contact to the chin so soon after a controversial hit. I know, the hit in the game against the Capitals was clean, and was deemed so afterwards, but Z should have tried to keep his nose clean.
Missed the first period and just watched the hit on youtube. Great, devastating hit. He jumped a bit at the end, but hit him in the chest, not the head. They should put that in a tape and use it to teach kids how to body a moron who carries it with his head down.

Borderline charging call maybe, but definitely not a major and certainly should not be a suspension. If he does get a couple games, then Lundin should get 5 games for being so friggin' stupid.

I loved Potvin's comments: he's missed 5 games and just came back, and "you don't go skiing down the black double diamond your very first run."

Whatever happens, I like the message it sends, and it's being sent by our big D as well as the ZZ Top destruction crew: Carry the puck in our zone at your own risk. Try to get fancy, leave on a stretcher. Frig the Sens. Go Flyers Go!

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