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03-02-2013, 02:28 PM
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Gaborik's been my favorite player since hes been here (other than Hank and McD) and I wouldnt advocate trading him just yet. Id be more comfortable doing it at the draft.

I dont agree with Supersonic much but when he said this fanbase doesnt appreciate skill guys enough, he was right and I agree. This NHL you need them. You can have all the grit in the world, its not 1975 anymore.

Anyway you slice it, losing a 40 goal scorer is not something you replace easily, and honestly, I doubt the return or the value we get is going to come anywhere near his impact here offensively. Gaborik is a proven player here, which is the point. This franchise does not have luck when it comes to acquiring skill guys or just having skill in general, so we will definitely be feeling the effects of losing his offensive ability, and I dont think Nash is enough. Richards needs to go just based on the contract alone.

I just cant wait for all the folks that have been clamoring "trade Gaborik!!" to change their tunes to "we need a goal scorer!!" once hes gone.

You know it will happen.

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