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03-02-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by The Fading Captain View Post
Thanks for the "how to be a Heaton-style hockey fan"

You can tell a lot by the way Pavel is playing. He's frustrated with that line. He's trying to do everything himself.

He'd be crazy to trust these incompetents out there. Guys like Abdelkader have no clue. They dump it out. And when they don't...bad things happen-like last game.

Have you ever played hockey with linemates who were either way better than you or way worse than you?

As for your comment about spam--I hope that goes for apologist opinions too.
Have you?

Originally Posted by mindfly View Post
Only chance of winning is in OT/SO if Howard stands on his head, which he won't.

Close game but it will be a 1goal loss in regulation/OT/SO. Book it.
If all of your predictions came true, the Wings would be 0-21. It's almost as if some posters (i.e. you and Bob, etc.) enjoy seeing the Wings lose. You want to see their demise. Is it fun for you to be such downers all the time? Do you relish their failures? It goes beyond "being realistic." Why do you even watch this team?

*Awaiting Bob's obligatory "I'm smerter den u. I'm always right" reply.*

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