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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
The whole notion of "principle" is what got the Avs into this mess. There's a time to be principled, and there's a time to be pragmatic. The Avs acted arrogantly to their own detriment and now they're paying the consequences. $9 million of them in fact.

They could've negotiated a less expensive deal and kept their salary structure largely intact. They didn't, and now they have to deal with the consequences not just with O'Reilly, but their other star players as well.
Caving into the demands of a 21 year old with one 55 point season, and giving him $5M is not being pragmatic.

The Avs may have acted arrogantly, I can't disagree with that, that's how they always act and it pisses me off too. But I have never seen one argument that came close to justifying Ryan O'Reilly being a $5M player at this point in his career.

Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
So he got outsmarted by an idiot. There you have it.

Why should we not criticize the guy for just sitting there and listening to offers instead of actively shopping him and trying to get a fair trade for the guy?

Again, by just relying on "the code" he let his so-called plan rest on a flimsy, unwritten rule. And it burned him.
Unless you're in negotiations, you can't make this claim. You don't know what constitutes actively shopping him, and what is just sitting on his ass listening to offers and saying not good enough.

We don't even know what the "offers" were. The majority of us, if not all of us were happy he was being patient waiting for the right deal up until a few days ago.

In fact, I personally have a hard time believing that most GM's were making fair offers, and if they were going to, they probably would have waited until the trade deadline to put pressure on Sherman, and so that O'Reilly could fit under their cap easier. That's what happens with practically every trade during a season, and Sherman knew this.

Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
If it's Pracey who takes over (and it should be) I wouldn't be worried. He's been more responsible for the young talent on this squad moreso than Sherman anyway.
I'm not sure being a good amateur scout, and director of amateur scouting would necessarily make you a good NHL GM. It could translate, and maybe it could with Pracey, but their whole job is watching junior players and knowing their traits. They probably don't have much time to watch much of any NHL players. CBJ is testing it out though, and I'm sure theres been others in the past.

To me, if they end up firing Sherman, Roy will become the leading candidate again for both GM and HC since they'll likely both be open. It just depends on what they want to offer him this time, what he's willing to take, and whether Quebec has an NHL team yet.

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